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Quake 3 Arena Demo 47.7

Quake III Arena Demo allows enjoying some features of the full version
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id Software

Quake III Arena's focus is its multiplayer deathmatch component. However it also has a great single-player mode. When playing alone, players can go up against artificial intelligence-controlled bots very much alike an arcade-fighting game. You will have to go through several different competitive levels, each with different arenas and bots. At the end of each level there is a one-on-one fight that takes place in smaller, tournament-style arenas.
The design of levels and the texture throughout Quake III Arena are really good, although levels may be felt as a a little homogeneous. Besides, with more than ten players, most of the maps may seem quite crowded. The weapon models also look good in general, and they're easily identifiable in the enemies' hands.
Regarding sound effects, all of the weapon fire is outstanding. The sound of rockets whizzing by your head is especially impressive.
Also the graphics are excellent. Download the Demo version and enjoy some of the great features of this game.

Mariano Delgado
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  • Great graphics
  • Good storyline


  • Maps may look crowded in multiplayer mode when more than ten players are taking part
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